Upwards Teksystems Ltd., established in Hong Kong in 1992, is the branch company of Upwards Biosystems Ltd. who was established in Taiwan in 1973. Beijing and Shanghai office of Upwards Teksystems Ltd. is for American and European   biological ,medical    and psychological research equipment promotion in China mainland. Our sales and aftersale service team has worked in the field for more than ten years and gotten very well praise from our customers. Our goal is to provide researchers with the most advanced equipments, excellent aftersale service and domestic and international experimental technic spreading.




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Hundreds of our customers whose labs located in almost every province in China mainland work in following fields,
  • pharmacology
  • toxicology
  • physiology
  • neuroscience
  • cellular electrophysiology
  • biochemistry
  • sports research
  • psychology
  • human factors and ergonomics
  • behavioral ecology
  • ethology
  • entomology
  • industrial engineering

Now we  distribute following products,

    * Data Aquisition and Analysis Systems

    * Implantable Telemetric Physiologic monitors

    * Pulse Doppler Blood Flowmeters and Electromagnetic Flowmeters

    * Isolated Heart Perfusion Systems and Tissue Bath systems

    * Patch Clamp and Cellular Imaging System

    * Stereotaxic equipment, Stimulators, Syringe Pump and Peristaltic Pump

       Tissue Slicer, Animal Respirators, Gas Anesthesia equipment

    * Maze and Watermaze Analysis Systems, Human and Animal Behavior Analysis 

    * Eye Tracker

    * Activity Cage, Passive Avoidance, Hole Board, Rota-rod Tredmill, Plethysmometer

       Plantar Test, Plantar Von Frey, Hot Plate, Tail Flick, Feeding Analyser 

    * Millar Mikro-tip catheter, Sonomicrometers, Rat Tail BP 

    * Glucose and Lactate Analyser, Bioanalytical System, 

       Platelet Aggregation Analyser, Biochemistry Analytical Instruments



Hong Kong Office:

Room 1903-6,Hing Yip Commercial Center, 272-284 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong




Beijing Office:

Room 1806,Tower A, Kuntai International Center, No.12B Chaowai Street, Beijing, China

Post code 100020


Fax: 0086-10-58790595



Shanghai Office:

Room B27C, Victory Plaza,

No.1068 Xikang Road,

Shanghai, China